Welcome to Perfect Printers.  On behalf of the Directors, Management and Staff of Perfect Printers Limited (PPL) I invite the public at large to visit our website and see the kind of printed products that we manufacture to our customers’ specifications.  For years, PPL has been the most modern and biggest printing company outside Dar es Salaam.  PPL has distinguished itself by the high quality of its products, expeditious delivery, serving customers at their own premises, guaranteed full value of money, total honesty in its dealings with all stakeholders, and good caring of its workers.

The launching of this website coincides with the installation of a full colour Speed Master with a coating unit.  It is the only of its kind outside Dar es Salaam.  This machine will greatly increase our production capacity and the quality of our products.  It will enable us to serve our customers even better.

Since the inception of PPL, it has been our policy to invite customers as well as potential customers to visit our factory premises to satisfy themselves that PPL is worth the honour and trust to print their requirements.  Such visits are necessary because majority of “printers” have nothing more than their brief cases and sweet talks. They earn their living by either overcharging customers for subcontracted printing or simply swindling them altogether. Prudent users of printed materials should therefore inspect the facilities of their printers.

Your visit to this website is no substitute to a visit to our factory premises.  I therefore invite any visitor to this website to also visit our company premises and see our resources.  You are all most welcome.

Perfect A. Lyimo
Managing Director
Perfect Printers Ltd